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Donor : Harley Courtney
Acquisition/ Item Information
Acquisition Number : 00241
Acquisition Name / Title : NEC Thimbles (quantity: 12)
Date Acquired : 08/01/2004
Cost of Acquisition : $ 0
Item Category : Supplies
Manufacturer : NEC Information Systems
Date Manufactured: Unknown
Model Number : TCR #C-8029 Black          Id Number : 4900796
Is Item Working : Unknown
Weight : Not available
Item Picture : Image not available
Detailed Description : QUME/IBM Compatible Types: Bold, Light Italic. Some info: A daisy-wheel printer smashes an inked ribbon against paper. To do that, the daisy-wheel printer contains a device called a daisy wheel, which is an artificial daisy flower made of plastic or metal. On each of the daisy's petals is embossed a character: a letter, a digit, or a symbol. For example, one petal has the letter A embossed on it; another petal has B; another petal has C; etc. Notice that each character is embossed. To print the letter C, the printer spins the daisy wheel until the C petal is in front of the inked ribbon. Then a hammer bangs the C petal against the ribbon, which in turn hits the paper, so that an inked C appears on the paper. Boldface The printer can print each character extra-dark or regular. To print a character extra-dark, the printer prints the character, moves to the right just 120th of an inch, and then reprints the character. Since the second printing is almost in the same place as the original character, the character looks darkened and slightly fatter. Those darkened, fattened characters are called boldfaced. Different wheels You can remove the daisy wheel from the printer and insert a different daisy wheel instead. Each daisy wheel contains a different font. For example, one daisy wheel contains italics; a different daisy wheel contains Greek symbols used by scientists. The printer holds just one daisy wheel at a time. To switch to italics in the middle of your printing, you must stop the printer, switch daisy wheels (a tedious activity that requires your own manual labor!), and then press a button for the printer to resume printing. Manufacturers The most famous daisy-wheel printer manufacturer was Diablo, founded by Mr. Lee in California. He sold the company to Xerox, then founded a second daisy-wheel printer company, Qume (pronounced "kyoom"), which he sold to ITT. In 1988 he bought Qume back. Other companies (such as Brother and Juki) invented imitations that claimed to be Diablo & Qume compatible. Nippon Electric Company (NEC) invented a "wilted" daisy wheel, whose petals are bent. The wilted daisy wheel is called a thimble. Computerists like it because it spins faster than a traditional daisy and also produces a sharper image. It's used just in NEC's Spinwriter and Elf printers. Source:
Item Location
Current Location : Pecan         Permanent Location : Pecan
OEM Details
Is Item an OEM Equipment : No