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It turns out that the history of computers is more subjective than one could imagine. There are many sites that have history timelines and many different claims for the "first" computer, the first personal computer, the first laptop, etc. Rather than leap right into that fray we will post here a series of links to web sites that have timelines. This will be lots easier for you than using a search engine to find them. Eventually we may decide to put up our own timeline, but for now we will just point you to some of the ones we know about:


A Timeline of Computer and Internet History

All About the Father of the Computer: Charles Babbage

American University Computing History Museum

Apple Historyjust the Apple stuff

Binary Dinosaurs

Charles Babbage Institute

Calculating Machines

Computer Chronicles: From Stone to Silicon

Computer-ArchivGerman language, but clear data - timeline is on the left margin

Computer History

Computer History Imagesjust pictures, not a timeline

Computer History Museumvery comprehensive, and covers the real First Microprocessor

They cover the first microprocessor questionhere and in a video here.

Computer Hopesubsections on the Internet, various vendors, etc.

Computers in Spaceflight: The NASA Experience

Data Storage Historylink refers to Cloud Computing but there isn't anything about that

Every Product Apple Has Made So Far (to 2018)

Evolution of the Portable Computer

Historic Computer Imagesmore pictures

History of Computing Informationarmy sponsored research

Kim Moser's Computer History Brochures

Ken Polsson's Chronology of Personal Computers

Konrad Zuseone candidate for "the first computer"

Magnetic Disk Heritage Centerdisks only

Mechanical Calculationmechanical machines - no specific timeline

Mind Machine Web Museum

Museum of Pocket Calculating Devicescalculators only

PC HistoryPCs only

Smithsonian Computer History

The Birth of the Information Age (ENIAC)

The Centre for Computing History

The F-14A Central Air Data Computer (CADC) Allegedly the world's first microprocessor

but, see this Wikipedia article.

The First Generation Computers

The Freeman PC Museum

The History of Computing Project

The history of modern computers and their some wrong dates, but pretty good

The Intel 4004Also allegedly the world's first microprocessor

The John Vincent Atanasoff Virtual ArchiveUS Federal court says this is the 1st electronic digital computer

The Living Internetjust about the Internet, not computers

The Machine That Changed The World developed and distributed by WGBH (PBS)

The Obsolete Technology Website

The Old Computer Hut

The Online Timeline

The Oughtred SocietyJust slide rules - early mechanical analog computers

Tim Robinson's Meccano Computing MachineryBabbage's difference engine made from Mecccano parts

Totalisator History: An Australian Achievement

Triumph of the Nerds

Vintage Calculators Web Museum

When PCs Were Micros

Wikipedia - History of computing

Word Processors Through Time

X Number: World of CalculatorsClick on History in the left sidebar

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