Supporting the Museum of Information Technology at Arlington -

Museums do not generate much revenue. So every donation is significant. But even more important is that each donation shows that the community supports the organization. So no matter how small the donation amount, just the fact the you make a donation is important.

We have severall ways for you to donate. You can use any of these links:

To use a credit card without a PayPal account click on that link and look at the bottom left side of the page where the credit card images appear.

In addition to asking for donations we will try to help ourselves by generating revenue in the following ways:

  • We sell books about the history of Information Technology by linking to bookseller web sites.
  • We will try to sell artifacts such as punched cards floppy disks, vacuum tubes, relays, etc., probably with some sort of logo for the museum attached.
  • We will try to sell surplus systems, maybe in the shop, but mostly through E-bay. Most systems offered on E-Bay are listed "as is" because the sellers don't know how to check them out. We can provide this service and charge a premium for the systems.

We will search for grants or donation of property and funds for all three phases of the business plan.

The Museum of Information Technology at Arlington is approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax exempt scientific and educational organization. A copy of the exemption letter is available on request.