Information for technology fans from the Museum of Information Technology at Arlington -

Are you a fan of some particular brand, product or technology? We would love to have you work with us to make the world more aware of your favorite stuff. We welcome user groups, ex-employees, ex-users. If you can help us make the museum a better source of information about your favorite stuff we would love to hear from you. Just go to the Contact Us link and send us an email to start a dialog about how we can help you.


We envision having the ability to scan and store documentation, advertising and other literature about products. We hope to also be able to archive your software in a place where it can be made available to researchers, artists, investigators, etc. Certainly we welcome hardware.


But, all of this costs money. While we can furnish a scanner and a web site, we have to pay extra for more online storage for all those megabytes. So, if you want to see your favorite stuff, think about how you can help us with the funding as well. This might only be a contribution of few dollars to pay for storage for a year or it might be endowment of a wing on one of our future buildings.


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