Annually one of our board members runs an Antique Science and Retro-Tech Show and Swap Meet. For the past few years it has been held at a hotel which is now known as the DFW Airport Hotel in Irving, Texas. The address is 4440 W. Airport Freeway (Hwy 183). Show hours are 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Admission is $5. This year the show is Saturday, March 10.

Among other things, exhibitors will show Microscopes * Slide Rules * Telescopes * Pocket Adders * Calculators * Medical * Astronomy * Binoculars * Surveying * Navigation * Compasses * Photography * Telegraphy * Mechanical * Electrical * Drafting * Radios * Tools * Measuring * Books and Manuals

For more information, Contact: Skip Solberg, 717 Salsbury Circle, Arlington, TX 76014. (metro) 817-467-0368,

For exhibitors, tables are $35 in advance. Three or more tables are $30 each.

You are encouraged to download and distribute the show flyer.