Our new IBM System 3 Model 8 - 5408-

We just unloaded our "new" IBM prize.

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We were offered this machine along with a Model 10. This one was in front and we could not haul both at the same time, so we took the Mod 8 and the MFCU. Later we found out that the MFCU was not available on the mod 8, so we apparently have a mongrel set here.

There is also no console right now but that is not a necessity. There is a CE diagnostic pack in the removable drive.

It was a challenge to get it out of the truck. These babies weigh several hundred pounds and were loaded with a fork lift. The Genie material handler was a life-saver.



5408 console

IBM System 3 Mod 8 console

5408 side

IBM System 3 Mod 8 side view on Genie


5424 MFCU console

5424 output hoppers

5424 Output Hoppers

5444 Disk Drive Badge

5444 Disk Drive Badge

diagnostic pack

Diagnostic Disk Pack

MFCU and Disk drives

MFCU and Disk drives


Genie Material Handler