Our new DEC VAX 11/730

We just retrieved our "new" DEC system.

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We were offered this machine at the Vintage Computer Festival Lite that we co-sponsored here in March 2009. It was the property of the Colorado Computer Museum. It was being stored in a building that was being sold and the folks at the museum were unable to retrieve it, so they generously conveyed it to us. Although this is not a rare machine, the DEC VAX is an importent family of computers so we really needed to have one.

The most important item in this collection is possibly the CDC TB216-A Field Test Unit, or FTU. It is a tester/exerciser for CDC Storage Module Drives, AKA the 9762. It will also test Mini-Module Drives (MMDs), Cartridge Module Drives (CMDs) and 1X Fixed Module Drives (FMDs). This unit is significant because the 9762 was an OEM product used on many minicomputers. Most significantly for us, it was a major component of the Four-Phase line.

On the trailer you can see (counterclockwise from upper left) the CDC Keystone 9-track tape drive, two CDC 9762 disk drives (under the blanket used to keep the cabinets from rubbing), the VAX 11/730 and two disk drives, two SI 9400 disk controllers (one not functional), one R80 disk drive (not functional), and one more CDC 9762 disk drive. The other items in the collection are in the truck, including twelve CDC 7962 packs, one TU58 tape containing the VAX microcode, a bag of TU58 tapes including VMS and a box of documentation.

In the right picture you see one of our assistants checking the load on the trailer.


VAX 11/730

VAX 11/730

Assistant at work

Assistant checking the load


CDC TB216-A disk drive Field Test Unit (FTU)