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Donor Information
Donor : James H. Brown
Acquisition/ Item Information
Acquisition Number : Y40001
Acquisition Name / Title : Four-Phase Systems Memoriablia - 3 boxes
Date Acquired : 2/5/2004
Cost of Acquisition : $ 0
Item Category : Unknown - Other - Miscellenious
Manufacturer : various
Date Manufactured: Unknown
Model Number : N/A          Id Number :
Is Item Working : Unknown
Weight : Not available
Item Picture : Image not available
Detailed Description : 3 boxes of various memoribilia from Four Phase Systems, Inc., including program listings, memory dumps,employee listings, cpmputer reference manuals, quick reference cards, assorted punched cards and paper and mylar tapes.
Item Location
Current Location : Pecan         Permanent Location : Mbox 001
OEM Details
Is Item an OEM Equipment : No