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Donor Information
Donor : Midlothian Independent School District
Acquisition/ Item Information
Acquisition Number : 00137
Acquisition Name / Title : Sniffer - Compaq 386
Date Acquired : 1/3/2004
Cost of Acquisition : $ 0
Item Category : Computer System
Manufacturer : Network General
Date Manufactured: Unknown
Model Number : Sniffer          Id Number :
Is Item Working : No
Weight : Not available
Item Picture : Image not available
Detailed Description : Sniffer - Compaq 386 - This portable actually has a 286 motherboard inside in spite of being labeled a 386 externally. It has the additional expansion module on the back side to hold the network adapters needed to make this into a Sniffer. The screen is a technology that was used for a while before we all bacame addicted to color monitors - it is a plasma screen. It is monochrome, but is orange on black. This is actually a very readable color combination and easy on the eyes. Unfortunately the hard drive on this unit has crashed. Right now it has no dirve & no software, so it is no longer a Sniffer. It does have the sniffer logos and two NICs. One is a Token Ring NIC, apparently an IBM NIC, although we have not checked, and an Ethernet NIC of unknown origin. (It has AUI & 10Base2 ports but not 10BaseT.)
Item Location
Current Location : Pecan         Permanent Location : Pecan
OEM Details
Is Item an OEM Equipment : No