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Donor Information
Donor : Terry Cox
Acquisition/ Item Information
Acquisition Number : 00002
Acquisition Name / Title : Sharp PC-1500A Pocket Computer
Date Acquired : 1/10/2004
Cost of Acquisition : $ 0
Item Category : Computer System
Manufacturer : Sharp Electronics Corporation
Date Manufactured: Unknown
Model Number : PC-1500A          Id Number : 1002469Y
Is Item Working : Unknown
Weight : .
Item Picture : Image not available
Detailed Description : Includes OEM AC adapter, audio cables and earpiece. Also includes original sales invoice dated 3/9/83 for $448. The computer itself was $160, with $105 for 8KB of RAM. The attached printer & casette interface $165. The rest was for paper & pens for the printer. The keyboard on this unit includes markings in the Japanese katakana character set. It also contains an 8 KB memory module. There is also an instruction manual for this computer and a manual for the Tandy TRS-80 PC-2 which is their version of this machine. There is also a separate leatherette carrying case for the computer itself.
Item Location
Current Location : Pecan         Permanent Location : Pecan
OEM Details
Is Item an OEM Equipment : No