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Donor Information
Donor : Patrick Jankowiak
Acquisition/ Item Information
Acquisition Number : 00809
Acquisition Name / Title : Graphics Tablet
Date Acquired : Unknown
Cost of Acquisition : $ 0
Item Category : Peripheral Device
Manufacturer : Digital Equipment Corporation
Date Manufactured: Unknown
Model Number : VSXXX-AB          Id Number : SM951245668
Is Item Working : Yes
Weight : Not available
Item Picture : Image not available
Detailed Description : Digital's VSXXX-AB tablet has three parts. Tablet Puck Stylus The tablet has a flat, square surface similar to a tabletop. To move the cursor, you move the puck or stylus over this surface. The tablet has a position-sensitive grid that senses the position of the puck or stylus. The puck is a handheld device with crosshair markings that help you select precise coordinates on the tablet. The puck has four buttons that serve the same purpose as the buttons on the mouse. You can program the buttons to send position reports when pressed or released. The stylus is a handheld device that resembles a pen. The stylus has two buttons, a barrel and a tip. The barrel is a button on the side of the pen you can press to send data to an application. You activate the tip by pressing the pen down onto the tablet surface. To move the cursor, you move the puck or stylus over the tablet surface. You do not have to touch the surface, but the tablet or stylus must be within 0.65 cm (0.25 in) of the surface to move the cursor. When the puck or stylus is close enough to the tablet surface to move the cursor, the puck or stylus is in proximity with the tablet. If you remove the puck or stylus from the tablet surface while the tablet is plugged in, then the VT300 uses the last known tablet position. Unlike the mouse, the tablet is an absolute positioning device. The layout of the tablet corresponds roughly to the layout of the screen. The next section explains tablet-to-screen mapping.
Item Location
Current Location : Pecan         Permanent Location : Pecan
OEM Details
Is Item an OEM Equipment : No