The Ross Perot Collection -


Ross Perot was a very important person in the computer industry. He began his career in this industry as a salesman for IBM. He has collected several units of special significance to the data processing industry, including portions of the original ENIAC. As a special tour of the Vintage Computer Festival Southwest in 2010 and 2011 we toured the facility and were allowed to photograph some of the equipment. These images were taken with a cell phone, and the lighting is not optimal, so some of the pictures are not of the greatest quality. But we present them hereso that you might be inspired to make the trip with us this year.

We will be able to tour the facility in Plano, TX on either Friday the 3rd or Monday the 6th. The trip takes about an hour from Arlington. The collection is housed in a secure facility, so you will have to register to take the tour. If you are interested in seeing this fantastic collection, send an email to Museum.IT.Arlington AT