Our new robots -

We were given a couple of early entertainment robots by theAutomation & Robotics Research Institute at The University of Texas at Arlington. These are unique robots so far as we can tell. There are very few links about them on the web. We also were given a ton of files about the Android Amusement Corp. that created them. As we find out more about them we will update this page. The first one that we picked up was the smaller of the two. We wanted to take it to the Vintage Computer Festival. Though it is missing a part or two, it was still a hit, with many of the visitors asking us to take their pictures with the DC-1. It was made by Android Amusement in about 1980.


The other one turned out to be considerably bigger so we did not pick it up until after the show. We are now checking it out. It is Mr. T, or Mr. Telebot. It was built by the former president of Android Amusement Corp., Gene Beley.

Admiring the DC-1

More pictures of DC-1s

Mr. Telebot

More Pictures of Mr. Telebot

Dayton's DC-2

More Pictures of DC-2s