These are the committed EXHIBITORS at the VCF Southwest 3.0.


What would you like to see from the MITA collection. We can't bring it all. Check the Our Collection page and email us with your favorite item.

  • Boisy Pitre and Mark Marlette of Cloud-9 with hardware and software for the Tandy Color Computer (CoCo).  They will be displaying a Tandy Color Computer 3 running NitrOS-9 on CompactFlash and through a virtual disk system called Drivewire.

  • Mike Darrol - (Tulsa, OK) Apple iiGS demoing GS/OS Sun and a Sparc10 "pizzabox" running Solaris with a couple of 80's vt100's to log in.

  • Gary Becker - FPGA implementations of retro systems - Apple FPGA, CoCo3 FPGA, Ohio Scientific FPGA, Apple //e, and CoCo3
  • John Herron - Various Personal Computers and Handheld Systems - Large Commodore and TRS selection - have tried to acquire most vendor's "first" or historically significant home computers.

  • Curtis McCain, TI CC-40, Amiga 500 with the hard to find Bodega Bay expansion chassis, and other equipment .

  • John Keys of the Houston Computer Museum will be displaying gaming systems from the Atari PONG to the XBOX 360 consoles, with both static and live hands on systems setup for your enjoyment.
  • Austin Roche and Gordon Peterson -Datapoint equipment, including a model 1100, which is the same as the iconic 2200, a 3800 - Datapoint's third geneeration system, and an 8600 - Datapoint's sixth generation computer.

  • Various artifacts from the MITA collection, including:

Scheduled VENDORS at the VCF Southwest 2.0:

These were some of the other exhibitors at the VCF Southwest 1.0 and 2.0. We hope we will see many of them back again this year at the VCF 3.0:

  • Goodwill Austin Computer Museum
  • Cameron Cooper was to show his replica of the Apple 1- but was unable to come. Maybe this year ....