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Here is a really interesting terminal from Basic Four.

Click here to see our featured item, our Four Phase Systems IV/90.

Click here to see our new IBM System 3 Model 8 and associated disk drive and MFCU.

Click here for information about our DEC VAX 11/730 and the disk exerciser we got with it.


Title Donor Manufacturer Location
List of Acquisitions
Manufacturer Title Donor Current Location Action
ADC-Kentrox ADC-Kentrox "Datasmart" T1 DSU/CSU Dmitriy Kolasnikov Pecan View
IBM IBM System/370 Principles of Operation Dmitriy Kolasnikov Pecan View
Microsoft Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 User Guide & Reference Dmitriy Kolasnikov Pecan View
GE Site Event Buffer II Dmitriy Kolasnikov Pecan View
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